Topping out!

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Finally made it! Paul built up the blocks on the chimney and put in the paving stones and flaunching to protect the stove from the weather. Good feeling!

Gino cut down the steels for the top garden. Looks more in proportion now!

The scaffolders have made the alterations so that the rendering can take place.

Pete and Chance have built the structure for the porch and the stud walls in the bathroom and shower room.

Shane and Chris have put on the outside EPS ready for the render. They have also made considerable inroads into the internal roof EPS.

We have finally found someone who will provide the glass wall between the hall and the dining area.

Kurt and Dave have continued with the first fix on the first floor.

The screeding to cover the underfloor heating in the utility room and in the workshop has been laid.

Joe and Grant have fixed the solar thermal in place.

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A few more steps……….

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The site hut ‘went’ on Friday so we are using the plant room as our site office cum store

PVs have been mounted on both roofs – now need the inverter

Walls have been finished between the utility room, the garage and the workshop

The garage roof is very nearly finished – ran out of tiles – the rest should come next week

Windows are being installed on the first floor by Chris and Mike from Plastiking

Kurt and Dave have been steadily working away at the first fix electrics and are now on the top floor

Phil and Ade have put up plasterboard on the upper ground floor

The flexible liner for the flue has been put in the chimney

EPS is being stuck to the outside walls ready for the rendering

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Chris and Ryan have finished the metal roof and it looks fantastic.

Pete and Chance are back to build the porch and fit the fascias and soffits for the garage.

Kurt and Dave have continued with the electric first fix – Kurt has come up with some good suggestions for us.

The garage roof has been felted and battened by Owen.

The walls for the utility room and workshop have been built by Paul with help from Lee.

Grant and Will have been in completing first fix plumbing. We now have shower trays being fitted.

Phil and Ade have been putting up the plasterboard for the ceilings and walls on the lower ground floor. The board makes the bedrooms feel like rooms.

The aluminium channels which will hold the photovoltaic panels have been fixed on both roofs and the PVs mounted on the East roof by Mark and Doug.

We have put a Xypex(waterproof concrete) slurry along the join between the lower and upper ground floors as preparation for adding the EPS outside layer. The powder and water mixes up to a consistency that I call ‘mucky-ducky’ from my days on the allotment with my Dad when I was little!

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Phew, what a scorcher

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We have several different teams on site this week and it’s been a team effort all round….

Standing seam roof: Chris, Ryan and Andy arrived on Monday with a van full of alu-zinc sheets. The first step was to make the metal trays which were machine cut on site. The second step was to calculate how many trays would be needed, how they would fit together and how they would line up with the building edges especially on the South side of Wynford, with the Velux windows. Not easy and hard labour working the pieces into shape. Choosing Boss Metals and the material to use was one of our earlier and easier decisions and we are very pleased with the progress so far. The North roof facing the road is finished and the South roof is well under way. Looking good!

Roof tiling: choosing the recycled slate tiles for the mono roofs was another of our earlier and easier decisions. Dave has nearly finished the second mono roof and we have had a number of positive comments from people in the village saying how good they look!

Insulation: Phil and Ade laid the floor insulation which was then covered with polythene by Shane and Chris.

Under-floor heating: the under-floor heating pipes were laid in snake shapes by Will and Grant and attached to the manifolds either in the ‘comms’ room or the office store.

Screeding: the floors are being screeded by Sean and Niall with Russell working the pump and providing the mix.

Electrics: in between everything else Kurt continued with the first fix.

Rainwater goods: Chris has started on the guttering.

Windows: the glass for the patio doors in the lounge and the breakfast room were fitted finishing the windows on the upper ground floor……..

Temperatures topped 29 deg C. in the South of England this week

Phew, what a scorcher!

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Open House!

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+ 3000 blog hits!

Tiles and velux windows are being fitted on the mono roofs

Velux windows are in the middle roof. The thick pipe sticking out from the ply is the solar ‘python’ which will pipe the hot water from the solar thermal panel down to the showers

First fix for the electrics is underway

Patio door frames have gone in – awaiting some of the glass

Insulation is being laid on the lower ground floor

Scaffolding inside the house has been taken away and we are starting to get an idea of how it will look……………

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Day on the tiles………..

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Battening and felting for the mono roofs is complete, tiles are on site and fixing planned for next week

The middle roof preparation is complete and fixing of the metal roof is also planned for next week

Brackets for the photovoltaic panels have been fixed on the mono roofs, installation date not yet finalised

First fix for security is complete

Internal EPS insulation has been fixed to the retaining walls on the lower ground floor

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Windows 2011!

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We have some windows! The fixed panes, the tilt and turn window/doors and the ordinary casement windows on the upper ground floor have all been fixed in place.
Pete and his team have nearly finished the East mono roof.
Dave, the roofer, has put ‘felt’ and battens on the West roof. Do roofers really use pink wood or is someone trying to wind me up?
Dave, from Groundway Civils, has put the Xypex strip in the retaining wall on the lower ground floor.
Ollie, with help from Steve, from Central and Southern Security, is putting in the alarm system.

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