September storm

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Winds of 86 mph were recorded at The Needles on Tuesday – and the building didn’t move!

Despite the weather Pete, with the help of Chance and Luke, has finished boarding and battening the West mono roof – they are now cutting up the painted marine ply and fixing it as soffits and fascias.  However the 18 sheets that have been painted are not sufficient – I now have another 22 to do!

Paul has finished the bedroom walls on the first floor and fixed cills in place for the windows.

Joe and Will, our plumbers, have started installing the hub of their system in the plant room.  Just how many inputs can a cylinder have?

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2 Responses to September storm

  1. 6am6oo says:

    …. ( the Needles are just 4 miles away due South) …

  2. Tom says:

    I think that the ground is going to move before the house does!

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