Toys ‘R Us comes to Wynford

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Mon:  Joe, the plumber and Will his mate arrived for their ‘first fix’ and put in the waste pipes.  The ‘Men in Black’ team were here in force to clear up the spare bits of Lego.

Tue:  Steelers, Rich and Garf, arrived to assemble the Meccano for the roofs.  Nathan arrived with the steels and the Hiab which unfolds like a Transformer.  Good team work put the structure in place and fixed the pieces together.  We have the start of our mono-roofs.

Wed:  Steelers, Dave and Rich, were working on our roofs and supporting structures today.  When they put up the long uprights at the back of the house it became clear that they were 200mm short and the shorter supports for the mono-roofs were 600mm too long!  Pete the carpenter and his mate Chance made the flitch beam before they started on the garage roof carcase.  Paul Bath came, with Lee to help him, to start on the blockwork on the lower ground floor.  Dan and Pat from ICF were back to start smoothing the walls – looked more like ‘Ghost Busting’ to me…….

Thu:  Paul Christopher came over to agree some adjustments to the steels.  Pete and Paul continued with the carpentry and the blockwork in the pouring rain.  This is the first day of the build that ‘rain stopped play’.

Fri: Paul built up to nine courses of bricks on most of the ground floor.  Rich and Garf made the final adjustments to the steel.  Meccano complete!

An exhausting week………

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2 Responses to Toys ‘R Us comes to Wynford

  1. Tom says:

    Some kind of steel roof seems in order. Solid steel. More steel.

    • 6am6oo says:

      Hi Tom Thanks ………. Had to contact the engineer yesterday because we had a problem with getting the rafters into the steel structure. He said cut them and then pack out with ply……….amaziing that he would conceed to anything less than the original – perhaps that’s how you always do it……… Enjoy Prague – wet here – sadly not good for painting! Love Mo

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