Where does ‘duck tape’ come from?

On Monday Andy and Todd arrived from Service Vent to put in the ducting for our mechanical heat recovery system.   They got on well with the job and by the end of Wednesday almost all of the ducting on the two lower floors was in place.  We shall see them again when we are ready to have the VentAxia units put into place.

Did you know that duck tape was originally ‘duct tape’ – thank you Dan.

To help with the ducting and with the pipe runs for the plumbing Chris and his mate from Southern Chasing made holes in our lovely house!  I wasn’t too keen on this bit but it will make life easier for some of our fitters.

On Thursday the concrete pump arrived early and we all held our breath waiting for the concrete lorry – one came about half nine with the other promised for eleven……..by half eleven we were told it would be at least another hour.  So very despondently we left site wondering if it would happen today……..as we arrived home the phone rang – it had arrived.  The last pour for the walls took place!  Roof starts next week.

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