New residents

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Our new pond is now home to two newts – not the barely visible fry we had last summer but ones about 150mm long.  We are delighted, but in some senses not surprised as there are a myriad of tiny larvae providing plenty of fast food. Some are mayfly larvae, others not yet identified, but with a variety of swimming styles so clearly training for 2012 in the pool.

What felt like ‘progress’ last week has ground to a crawl this week…..  Some of the first floor walls were ‘poured’ on Tuesday but our success rate at getting both a concrete pump and a supply of concrete simultaneously have been low this week.  We are waiting…..not always patiently!   Pressing on with internal work where we can.

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2 Responses to New residents

  1. Susan Mileham says:

    I’m a regular visitor, some of the 3,000 hits are mine. I am really enjoying following your progress.

    Susan – friend of Richard and Jackie

    • 6am6oo says:

      Thanks for your comment Susan. We are extremely excited about the build and it’s good to know that other people are enjoying following the progress. Sue

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